About Us

Founded by 2 Former Royal Marines, Imployable is an innovative new app based platform that is specifically designed to bridge the gaps in unemployment, facilitate career tracking. We are working hard to become the UK’s No1 career and job finder app.

 We Are Determined To Have An Impact on Ex-Offender Employment

We are working with businesses, government departments and support organisations  to make employment easier, fairer and more accessible for people transitioning out of prison. Although our app works for everyone, we want it to directly help ex-offenders by building their digital profile and having access to ex-offender friendly employers, championing those that go above and beyond to give people that second chance .

Our History

In 2015 Peter Kelly left the Royal Marines after 10 years of service, he was helped to gain industry qualifications in Project Management through the military and swiftly jumped into the civilian world; within 3 months of leaving he was unemployed. Highly qualified, inexperienced and unemployable.

During a 9-month period of unemployment Peter reconnected with an old Royal Marine friend, Kieron Yeoman was running a business that actively coaches and supports people into work and helps the ‘unemployable’ into meaningful employment.

After many conversations and having experienced first-hand some of the problems people faced with employment they decided to do some digging in to the industry as a whole and try to and identify root causes of peoples’ employment struggles; what we found was astonishing.

Fast forward, we are now working with the Department for Work and Pensions and the Ministry of Justice to help have an employment impact for marginalised groups in the UK

We are not a recruitment agency, although we can’t help directly, we are committed to developing technology that is accessible to everyone and provides access to career information, coaching, support and job opportunities.

How we are doing it

To ensure success it is important we create a working eco-system whilst maintaining sustainability. We are focused on 3 areas –

1. Access to ex-offender employees through probation service, Ministry of Justice and conventional means and giving them completely free access to coaching, support, training opportunities, experience opportunities and jobs.

2. Creating a network of employers who are actively, engaging, helping and hiring ex-offenders and giving them a platform to advertise their jobs and allow people to apply.

3. Having access to support networks that work with our app users and support them through tough times as well as improving their employability, self confidence and potential.


Imployable is not a support network, a training organisation or a recruitment agency, we are a tech company that provides a platform to bridge the gaps in employment for ex-offenders.