Imployable App

Imployable is designed to give you the tools to build a digital CV, identify potential careers, increase your employability and get employed.


Know Your Fit

After building your digital CV the imployable app will show you how you fit compared to the requirements of the job.

The idea is to give you a good idea of how likely you are to be shortlisted and asked to interview, giving you the power to take control.

If you don’t meet the requirements or you deem you have a less than good chance of being shortlisted the app will show you what qualifications and experience you are missing, where you can get it and allow you to apply simply in the app.

Your Profile

Know Yourself

It all starts with your digital CV, Imployable doesn’t deal in keywords or algorithms that auto search CV’s based on what you have written, we deal in fact. 

Building a profile in Imployable is simple, add your qualifications, past work experience and personal statement and you are done. For every past work experience you have you can add key responsibilities and skills you developed whilst in the role.


Don’t worry about having to write lengthy, wordy documents, simply add the facts and we will do the rest. 




Job Notifications

Get notifications about jobs that fit your profile, updates on your applications and even be headhunted by employers who need your skills.

Talk To Employers

With our inbuilt messaging system you can say goodbye to emails and speak directly to employers, training providers and experience providers.

Access Support

Imployable has it’s own support section, if you are going through hard times, needing support or just need some guidance then local and national organisations are only a tap away. 


What You Get

Job Search

Explore opportunities and see how your skills and experience fit

Qualification Search

If you need extra training or qualifications, here is where you will find it


Find and apply for high quality apprenticeships directly in the app

Experience Search

Gain valuable work and voluntary experience to meet your career goals

Track Progress

Save and manage the jobs, courses, apprenticeships and experience you have applied for

Industry Insights

Get a wider view on industries you are interested in and find out how best to enter them

Get Started!

Take control of your future now and download the imployable app